About Us

It is the matchmaking application more focused to facilitate artists and the customer run by

Syrup Global LLC (CR 1010949799). We provide a platform and give opportunities made by the customers for the artists so that they can showcase their talents.

The customer can hire directly or he can post a job, the hours are defined by the customer as well as the place. If he is posting a job, he can define the budget of the job, and then different artists will bid on that job after the matchmaking against their service type and the instruments they play. The other scenario is that the customer searches for an artist and he can directly hire him for some specific hours, then he has to go with the price defined by the artist itself for his/her specific type of service/instrument.

After the customer approves some of the artist’s job, he directly pays that amount, and then the money goes into the artist’s wallet. And then if the artist wants to withdraw his/her money, he sent us the request from his/her wallet and then we transfer the money to his/her bank. There’s a very important thing here, the customer should give review after the job has been from the artist side so that it will clarify that the job was actually done and the money which the artist has earned are legit otherwise we will reverse the transaction and will take action against that artist if he/she hasn’t delivered what he/she committed.